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The Mission

Our mission is to present a single, unified Hall of Fame to encompass all things culinary. Our hall of fame includes restaurants, writers of books and magazines, television shows, chefs and food stylists, popular recipes, pioneers and visionaries in the areas from organic farming to going green or fighting obesity.

The Induction Process

All inductees before July of 2013 were voted into the Culinary Hall of Fame® by our 6,500 members, 2,200 Facebook fans along with 4,700 followers on Twitter. For numerous reasons, we decided to change the induction process to a member panel of eleven culinary experts. If you are interested in serving on the Culinary Hall of Fame® induction committee, please contact us.

Future inductions will be announced in July of each calendar year.

Nominations are encouraged and accepted at our Facebook Page.

The Opportunity

This is a great opportunity for a municipality or developer to build a “Culinary Hall of Fame” theme complex offering, among others, co-op exhibit space to industry manufacturers, convention facilities, restaurant and culinary retail space, operate or lease a cinema, TV studio and celebrity wax museum. The concept of a Culinary Hall of Fame® theme complex is equally suited as a major tourist attraction for a city as well as a flag theme for the gaming industry.

The United States culinary industry has seen explosive growth in recent years. 2012 was Food Network's most watched year in its 20-year history with a nightly average of 1.1 million viewers. Since launching in 2009, Food Network Magazine has seen a meteoric rise and is currently distributed to more than 100 million households. Major networks are jumping on the “food wagon”, the latest being CNN's cooking show, “Parts Unknown”, launched in May of 2013.

Why a "Brick & Mortar" Culinary Hall of Fame?

Culinary tourism has reached the tipping point as a niche and an industry.

The Culinary Market

  • Out of all leisure travelers, 17 percent - that would be about 27.3 million people - have participated in food/wine activities (cooking classes, farmers markets, winery tours, and food festivals) on trips in the past three years.

  • One quarter of all leisure travelers say food is central to picking their destination, and that number increases to 51 percent for "culinary travelers."

  • 12.6 million, are "deliberate" culinary travelers, for whom such activities are the key reason for the trip, or figured into the choice of destination.

  • Cooking shows and culinary competitions are an every day occurrence on multiple TV channels.

  • On-half of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some point in their lives.

  • Fancy food shows and kitchen equipment exhibitions are attended in record numbers with an increasing amount of exhibitors.

  • Casinos are leasing their restaurants to celebrity chefs for brand recognition.

  • Affluent Americans on average spend nearly $6,000 on fine dining.

  • Americans on average spend 47.9 percent of their food budget in restaurants.

  • Culinary tourism providers see a range of ages among food tourists, but people in their 40s and 50s are most common.

  • There is a high correlation between tourists who are interested in wine/cuisine and those interested in museums, shows, shopping, music and film festivals,and outdoor recreation.

  • Unlike other travel activities and attractions, cuisine is available year-round, any time of day and in any weather.

For more information on the Trademarks and Internet Domains included, please contact us.

Data Sources: Scripps Networks and a study, cosponsored by the National Restaurant Association with Gourmet magazine and the World Food Travel Association.

The Culinary Hall of Fame® Domain Structure

This domain structure has been established for operational considerations and/or "cybersquatting" prevention. It is in no way meant to spam search engines or directories. If you have any questions, please contact: Fred Roosli, General Partner, Culinary Hall of Fame®

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Industry related Halls of Fame

"American Academy of Chefs Culinary Hall of Fame" (American Culinary Federation, Inc.) This hall of fame limits its inductees to retired member chefs.

"Vintner's Hall of Fame" (Culinary Institute of America) This hall of fame limits its inductees to individuals responsible for the growth of the California wine industry.

"Chefs Hall of Fame" (The Chicago Culinary Museum) This hall of fame limits its inductees to the Chicago area.

"Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame" (Scottsdale League of the Arts) This hall of fame is limits its indcutees to the Arizona area.

"Hall of Achievement" (The Institute of Culinary Education) This hall of fame is limits its inductees to ICE graduates.

"Orlando Sentinel Culinary Hall of Fame" (Orlando Sentinel) This hall of fame limits its inductees to the central Florida area.

"Colorado Culinary Hall of Fame" (American Culinary Federation, Colorado Chapter) This hall of fame limits its inductees to chefs from the Colorado area.

For further information, please contact us.

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